Services at the SGBCHC

As a client of the South Georgian Bay Community Health Centre, you are welcome to access:

Medical care from:      

  • Nurse practitioners**
  • Family physicians
  • Registered nurses

Additional care from:

  • Diabetes educators**
  • Social workers**
  • Mental health & addictions counsellor
  • Health promoter
  • Dietitian**

**Services available in Elmvale

The South Georgian Bay CHC provides all the functions that one would normally get from a family physician, delivered in a way that promotes education, self care and personal responsibility for health outcomes. As a client at the South Georgian Bay CHC, you will have access to services from a wide range of disciplines. Staff at the SGBCHC see clients one-on-one and also run programs for the larger community (please not that our physiotherapist does not see clients one-on-one). 



Physicians give and prescribe medications. Provide health care for all ages-preventative care. Diagnose, treatment of disease. Provide medical care one-on-one. Provide hospital duties and home visits. Provide team expertise. They review labs/xrays/ultrasounds/CTs and consultation notes. Keep up to date with new and emerging guidelines/medications/best practices. Consultants for interdisciplinary team. Refer clients to specialists. ODSP forms/insurance forms. Mild to moderate multiple Dx/Tx. They make house calls to clients. They provide comprehensive care, management, diagnosis of individuals and families. Care involves coordination and involvement of all specialties, subspecialties and internal, external support agencies, personnel etc. Medical and legal responsibility for care that involves direction from MD.


Nurse Practitioners

Our nurse practitioners provide one-on-one counseling with clients, prescribe medications (everything except Benzo's & narcotics), and offer health promotion advice on good health practices for clients.

Additionally they:

  • Present programs to the community, which promote healthy living and preventative care.
  • Facilitate further referrals. They have expertise in preventative care.
  • Order and review labs and diagnostic tests.
  • Provide primary care to clients and consult team regularly.
  • Communicate with team if client is not in scope of practice.
  • Provide acute and chronic disease self management and disease prevention.
  • Refer clients to specialists.
  • Perform physicals.
  • Order tests (labs, bone mineral density).
  • Independent management on all aspects ongoing primary health care, preventative, chronic disease management wellness care.
  • Seek consultation/support from physicians with regards to practice issue outside legislated scope of practice.


Registered Nurse

Registered Nurses will see clients for many reasons including: immunizations, injections, vitals, client education, client follow ups, BP checks, lifestyle. They assist with client procedures. Stock procedure room and order supplies. They are the primary contact for client management and care coordination. They are the liaison with community services to ensure continuity of care for client. Answer health related questions. Coordinate OTN appointments. Offer one-on-one client interaction. They give medications but do not prescribe. They run programs for clients, triage client calls and support the doctors. Refer clients to other physicians for further care. Emergency care/facilitate client visit to maximize full potential.


Registered Dietitian (RD)

The South Georgian Bay Community Health Centre has two diabetes educators; a Registered Nurse and a Registered Dietitian, who contribute their own skills and knowledge to our diabetes programming. 

Our Registered Nurse (RN) diabetes educator provides counselling, monitoring, education and enables self-management skills to clients regarding diabetes for both newly diagnosed clients and those seeking ongoing treatment. The RN can also assess clients health status and recommend medication changes.

Both educators facilitate groups and presentations within the community and at the Centre that focus on health, wellness, self-management and diabetes education. We run 4 series on health promotion and management with a focus on diabetes.


Social Worker

Our social worker provides individual counselling including assessments to clients. Leads health promotion groups in the community including exercise, wellness groups, self management groups, anxiety and depression groups. . They promote self-efficiency and monitor mental illness. They assist with social service procurement. They are the community connection for services (referral to community resources). They consult with providers for the best care plan for a client. They provide cognitive behaviour therapy.


Mental Health and Addiction Counsellor

Referrals can be made to the MH&A Counsellor to assess new or recurrent concerns related to substance use and/or mental health concern including difficulties coping, stress management, anger management, challenges with emotional stability and self-regulation, and healthy decision-making.

MH&A Counsellor assists client to identify nature of individual strengths and challenges toward creation of their recovery plan and return to life-balance utilizing client-centered motivational counselling and risk reduction strategies.

Counselling may include referral/advocacy/liaison with resources & supports.

MH&A Counsellor's role includes community outreach/committees/partnerships providing education and reducing stigma including groups and workshops on Life Beyond Pain, Mindfulness Meditation and Communication Skills.



Physiotherapy is the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment and exercise. Our physiotherapist facilitates group programs within the community "Building Balance Falls Prevention Program." Educates and assesses clients. Provides physiotherapy for those who cannot afford to get it. Initiates treatment plans for rehabilitation, monitors progress, promotes recover to optimal function.





Upcoming Events

Tuesday, December 18
Housing Resource Centre Clinic
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Wednesday, December 19
Exercise Maintenance Group
9:30am - 10:30am
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MotherCare / CAPC
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Thursday, December 20
Nordic Pole Walking
9:45am - 11:00am
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