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COVID-19 Update: Programs and Services

May 12, 2020

The following updates are in addition to the updates posted on March 18. The full list can be accessed by following COVID-19 NOTICE: SGBCHC Programs and Services.

Updates: SGBCHC Group Programs

  • SGBCHC in-person programs have been postponed during the pandemic. Any updates to programs will be communicated through our website, Facebook and newsletters.
  • MotherCare & Next Step in-person programs have been postponed until further notice. For more information, please visit their Facebook page. Any questions can be sent via Facebook or by calling 705-733-3227 x2236.

Updates: Primary Care Appointments

  • SGBCHC staff will be wearing full personal protective equipment during all in-person appointments.
  • We are requesting that all clients wear a face mask during their in-person appointment. A cloth mask will be provided at reception for those who don’t have one.

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