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Start a Window Garden

April 10, 2018

Are you tired of waiting until spring to have access to fresh greens and sprouts? Starting a window garden is a hassle free, simple option for accessing delicious winter greens and pea shoots. This project can also double as a fun activity with kids while teaching them more about where their food comes from.

As long as you have a south facing window and a couple simple-to-find materials, you’ll be growing greens in no time!

You’ll Need:

  • Container – FREE – Old plastic salad mix containers work well and fit perfectly on a windowsill. Old clementine crates work well, as long as you have a container beneath to catch any excess water that might drain (you can also purchase seed starting containers at a garden supply store – avoid ones with individual cells)
  • Seed and herb starter potting mix – $3.99 Check the ingredients before you purchase potting mix, you’ll want to avoid any chemical fertilizer (100% natural or organic will be best) Buy Online
  • Spray bottle (clean, new) – $2-3
  • Seeds – Between $2-10 – Mesclun Salad Mix for salad greens can be purchased at a garden store or Online, and pea seeds for pea shoots. Dried peas from a bulk food store can also be used.
  • Water (preferably non-chlorinated or de-chlorinated)

To Do:

  1. Take plastic container and fill with potting soil to 1.5″ deep. Take a pinch of Mesclun Mix and sprinkle on the soil surface. Cover the seed lightly with soil.
  2. Take 2nd plastic container and fill with potting soil to 1.5″ deep. Disperse pea seeds onto soil. Seeds should be spaced so that they are not touching each other, and only one layer. Cover with potting soil so that they are not visible (will require a little bit more than Mesclun Mix since seeds are bigger).
  3. Spray with water until damp.
  4. Seeds to not need light to sprout, only heat. Be sure to place containers in warm spot until you see the green shoots coming through the soil.
  5. Once you begin to see green sprouts coming through the soil, place them on your sunniest windowsill.
  6. Continue to water for 2-3 weeks.
  7. Pea shoots will be ready to harvest at any point, simply cut down to 1″ and they will re-grow. Harvest all the shoots before 7″ since they will lose their sweet, delicious taste.
  8. Mesclun Salad Mix can be harvested anytime the plants are big enough to use. Pick/cut the outer leaves first, allowing the inner leaves to grow. Water daily to avoid a bitter taste.
  9. Enjoy!

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