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Why We Developed “Nourished”: A Body-Positive Diabetes Program

September 22, 2020

I have returned from maternity leave and so much has changed! Not only have our everyday activities and errands shifted, but how we provide care to our clients at the Community Health Centre looks different too. While many of our medical staff are booking in-person appointments, I’m continuing to see clients virtually and it has certainly been an adjustment.
As I returned to work, it became apparent that the pandemic has shifted the way clients manage their diabetes. Although physical distancing restrictions have created challenges for some, many clients appreciate the opportunity to join our programs through the online format.

Knowing this, I felt encouraged to develop an online program that allowed participants to continue to feel supported. Nourished: A Diabetes Education Series is a four week, weight-inclusive mini-series that looks at breaking down diet culture myths. It encourages participants to nourish their bodies and engage in healthy behaviours that are best suited for them. This program is rooted in compassion and body-acceptance and does not focus on weight loss or body size.

Research has shown that there are many different behaviours that can support the management of blood sugar, including food choices, movement, and stress management. Our goal is to help participants feel encouraged to nourish their bodies with healthy food and learn to identify key strategies that may be helpful when managing diabetes.

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